Urban residents in Chhattisgarh to get toilets for Rs 2,000


Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, the state government of Chhattisgarh brings an innovative scheme to achieve 100% construction of toilets in urban areas before 2019. This scheme envisages that beneficiaries need only to pay Rs 2,000 and the state government will provide Rs 16,000. The central funding per toilet will be Rs 4,000.

“The cost of latrines has been fixed by the Centre at Rs 20,000. We are increasing assistance by the state to achieve the target early. We have targeted to build 3.5 lakh latrines in urban areas and at least 85,000 will be built by next March. Budgetary provision has been made by the state,” Chhattisgarh Urban Development Director Rohit Yadav said.

A large number of contractors, agencies, including women’s self-help groups and teams of local masons are getting into force to speed up toilet constructions. “Since the cost of each latrine is fixed, there is no need for inviting bids. We will give works for 50 latrines to each group or company. They will get the payment once they complete building 20 toilets. This progress will also enable them to get work order for another 50 latrines. Once they complete the lot of 50 latrines, the entire amount will be released,” Yadav said.