Gurgaon to develop its own solid waste management plant


Gurgaon to develop

Gurgaon may soon have itsA?own solid waste managementA?plant. With growing generationA?of waste, owing to the risingA?population in the city, theA?authorities are now lookingA?beyond Bandhwari plant. TheA?plant at Bandhwari has been aA?joint venture between GurgaonA?and Faridabad.A?Gurgaon is growing rapidly.A?So is Faridabad. Therefore,A?its no longer possible toA?have a joint plant. Already, theA?collective daily garbage collectionA?is touching the 1,000-A?tonne mark. It is bound toA?increase, said FaridabadA?Municipal CommissionerA?Suprabha Dahiya.A?Dahiya mentioned the factA?that the plant at BandhwariA?was initially meant for Faridabad.A?The idea was that GurgaonA?would have its own plantA?in time. Therefore, we decidedA?to use it jointly, but not anymore.A?We have decided that asA?and when we set up anotherA?plant, it will be exclusively forA?Faridabad, she said. Meanwhile,A?Municipal CorporationA?of Gurgaon officials said theyA?were looking at two sites to setA?up a waste plant and wouldA?appoint a consultant soon.