UN-Habitat launches new tool to support urban resilience



UN-Habitats City Resilience Profiling Tool (CRPT) is a new initiative by the global institution to help the growing number of urban dwellers to identify a host of possible risks facing urban areas and to teach them how to cope with the rising costs and impacts of natural disasters and man made threats.

CRPT, which has an overall aim to ensure that the cities are safer places to live and work, would be taking aA? holistic urban systems approach to help cities withstand and bounce back from any probable hazard, while ensuring continuity of critical urban services and processes.

The CRPT will calibrate the level of resilience against all types of danger and take into account the interconnected nature of all the functions and services on which urban population and a citys operations depend. This programme is also going to save millions of economic losses which occur during any kind of disaster.

The CRPT was launched during the Smart City World Congress, held in Barcelona in November and attended by more than 9,000 delegates from 300 cities from across the world.