Maharashtra plans one lakh affordable homes by 2018


Maharashtra plans one lakh affordable homes by 2018

The Maharashtra government plans to construct at least 1lakh affordable homes by 2018. The government has decided to scrap the rental housing scheme and replace it with the affordable housing scheme.

The government had earlier planned to construct nearly 5 lakh homes in Mumbai and its surrounding areas for renting them to those who could not afford to buy one. However, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said that the size of the rental houses 160 sq ft is not in keeping with new rehabilitation policy norms.

The government is now focusing is on brown redevelopment, which means A?redevelopment in an area where structures exist, but can be broken down to make way for taller high-rises. On the other hand, constructing on a patch of green, where no structure exists, is called green redevelopment. The state will offer incentive to redevelopers by offering extra FSI (floor space index) and to A?developers who keep at least 20% of the houses for the needy.

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