DFS gears up to prevent fire incidents

The gradual increase in the number of highrises in Delhi has raised concerns about the fire safety of these structures. Extensive development of infrastructure, mainly high-rises, and increase in traffic are making firefighting difficult. With increase in the number of highrises, especially residential complexes, fire safety has become a serious concern. It is difficult for us to inspect all highrises,” said A K Sharma, Director, Delhi Fire Service (DFS).

Last year, the fire department had carried out a drive to ensure that buildings, especially schools and hospitals, are prepared to deal with any fire incident. Close to 4426 schools were inspected last year, of which 2,738 were given fire clearance. Officials said 1,688 schools had been asked to upgrade the facility and apply again for clearance.

Slums, congested markets are other vulnerable areas. “We need to urgently take measures to shift slum clusters. And if that can’t happen, we should make provisions for their safety.

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