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Naya Raipur: India’s first integrated greenfield smart city

With provisions for further expansion and infrastructure upgrade in the future, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s first integrated greenfield smart city project at Naya Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. The city consists of 41 villages renovated With robust facilities like roads, parks and water pipelines. Source: Dailyhunt

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Zero emission buses for Newtown Kolkata

With an aim to establish a smart and sustainable transport system for Newtown, Coal India has funded for electric buses under its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative. Source: WBHIDCO Ltd.

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Waste turned into power

Sweden turns 99% of its waste for heating and power purposes providing minimal landfills and environmental hazards. Sweden also imports waste from other countries to treat the waste and turn it into power and other renewable energy sources. Source: France24

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Newtown: The town with advanced technology and humans

Situated in West Bengal with close proximity from the Kolkata airport, Newtown is home to sprawling apartment complexes, lush green lawns and multinational IT companies. Newtown has everything that an ideal town requires to thrive upon. Source: WBHIDCO Ltd.

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Waste management and innovation

With the help of technology, we can help in clearing the overflowing landfills. With great ideas and application of such idea great results are obtained which in turn will help us in keeping our environment clean and green. Source: NDTV

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Eco-friendly bricks: The solution to the never-ending problem

The waste plastic can do wonders, Ashiwini Khurana along with his team of volunteers teaches school children to save the mother earth by making plastic bricks. Such bricks are then used for making houses, gardens for children. Source: NDTV

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Combating air pollution

Air pollution is one of the major environmental issues our country is facing in recent times. To combat the adverse effects of air pollution government have taken some serious steps like closing the school, restricting the vehicular activities amongst the other. Source: NDTV

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Mumbai Airport creates a record

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport became the busiest airport in the world by handling more than a 1,000 aircraft in 24 hours of time. Source: NDTV

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Plastic recycling app

In order to make people aware of the adverse effect of plastic waste, the Chennai-based waste management company has launched an app based recycling bin to curb the ill-effects of accumulating plastic waste. Source: NDTV

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India’s first oxygen chamber

To save people from the adverse effect of air pollution and to give them a relief in the ever increasing levels of air pollution, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and Nurturing Tree have introduced India’s first oxygen chamber. Source: NDTV

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