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Rethinking fire safety and security products

In the world of green and sustainable, the color of earth wire, usually green has remained the same but there is a question! Has the earthing electrode been upgraded to green product? The green or sustainable designing focuses on many aspects of greener approach, but the need of green ¬†earthing material is always neglected. The […]

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Thane to be India’s first city to get resilience plan

By Diwali, Thane will become the first locale in the country to have a city resilience plan, which will contribute towards citizens’ happiness. The Thane Municipal Corporation joined hands with Rockefeller Foundation, Singapore, to draft this plan for the city so that it is better prepared to deal with all kinds of crisis in future. […]

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Hospitals flout fire-norms in Visakhapatnam

A major fire accident was averted recently at an operation theatre in King George Hospital, Andhra Pradeshs biggest government hospital, with the timely intervention of the staff present. The main cause of the fire was an electrical short-circuit since contractors had not used star-rated electrical wiring and instruments to cut costs. The case of King […]

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Lifeguards stationed on Mumbai beaches

Following a string of tragic drowning in the city of Mumbai, authorities have taken city-wide steps to make beaches and waterfronts safer. An action plan has been put in place to secure these popular public spaces. Early on in July, the fire brigade installed lifeguard chairs for better surveillance at six of Mumbais seafronts Girgaum, […]

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Delhi government to install panic alarms in city buses by EoY

The Delhi government recently launched a pilot project for installing a panic alarm system in city buses and in a years time Delhi government aims to install alarm systems on all city buses. If anyone presses one of the four panic buttons installed in the bus, a loud beeping alarm will be activated for 40 […]

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WB to form QRTs in all the districts for disaster management

West Bengal State Disaster Management and Civil Defence Department will set up Quick Response Teams (QRT) for each district of WB, including capital Kolkata. The primary reason for establishing QRT is to ensure better assistance to people during emergency situations hence providing better disaster management. The QRTs will function under the respective District Disaster Management […]

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SudhVayu Innovations to purify Delhis toxic air pollution

Swasthgram, an NGO known for its work in the field of providing preventive health care services utilizing technological innovations, launched ShudhVayu Innovation. It is a part of ShudhVayu Mission to address air pollution in India, especially in Delhi, that has seen worst air pollution statistics from past few years. The ShudhVayu technological innovation estimates to […]

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Urban local bodies to mechanise the cleaning process

All urban local bodies, including BBMP, have been instructed to mechanise the entire process of cleaning and waste management using sucking machines and other equipment. Keeping in mind the complex waste management process, all urban local bodies have instructed to mechanise the entire cleaning process using sucking machines and other equipment. Chief Secretary, Rathna Prabha […]

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Telangana develops cybersecurity infrastructure for public safety

A crucial link of Telangana’s cybersecurity infrastructure – Security Operations Centre (SOC) – will be operational soon. It will be part of the proposed State Data Centre Jayesh Ranjan, Principal secretary, Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, said, “The SOC is getting finishing touches and its launch may happen either by December-end or early January, the […]

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Centre to train 1 crore civil defence volunteers by 2022

According to the National Civil Defence College (NCDC) officials, the central government has planned to train around 1 crore civil defence volunteers by 2022 to provide better response while dealing with both natural and manmade disasters. NCDC director, GS Saini, Director, NCDC, highlighted, Our institute has for decades trained master trainers from both governments, private […]

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