GPS-fitted sweeping machines to sparkle New Town roads


The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) has decided to bring all mechanical road sweeping machines under the GPS-enabled Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) to develop a performance-oriented waste management system.

According to the technology, the location of the machines is time logged on to a map and software generates the distances travelled. The effectiveness of a machine, be it a compactor or a sweeping machine, is thus tracked accurately in real time from the engineer’s office.

Jica had in June (2016) suggested installation of the VTS system to keep a constant watch on the waste management system. “Through VTS, the authorities will be able to monitor and track how long and where the road sweeping machines are working. The authorities will be able to track down and take steps against workers engaged in waste management if it is found that the machines have not been used to its full,” said an official.

Debashis Sen NKDA chairman, said, “There are no specific duty hours. The road sweeping process goes on from the morning till afternoon. However, each road stretch in New Town needs to be swept at least once a day.”

At present, there are two road-sweeping machines and another two will be introduced soon.