The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has decided to turn all transactions and payments into the digital mode, initiating the process from September 1. This move falls in line with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative implemented through the Smart City Mission. The civic body will issue Janmitra smart cards which will be used for paying all civic taxes as well as for documents like marriage and birth certificates and the BRTS ticket fares, etc.

AMC Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra said that 141 BRTS stations, 60 civic centres and around 47 branches of the ICICI Bank will issue the Janmitra cards to citizens, for which one needs to produce an Aadhar card and a one-time payment. The civic body, in coordination with a private bank, had earlier fixed a price of Rs 50 for a card and Rs 75 for a personalised card with the card holder’s photograph and name. However, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation announced that the corporation will not charge any fee for issuance of the Janmitra card for a month.

The corporation has announced that it will bear the charge of 1.9% levied on the user by the bank on transactions. Nehra said that the corporation announced a 10% discount for travel using Janmitra card for general commuters and 40% discount for college and schools students.

Calling it the biggest digital cashless payment scheme in the country, the AMC has issued 44,000 Janmitra cards. Nehra said that with this, 1000 outsourced contractual employees for cash collection would not be required, saving Rs 18 crore for the AMC.

To encourage citizens, the AMC had earlier announced it will give 100 smartphones to the top Janmitra card users.

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