Are robots set to drive the digital revolution in construction? Globally, construction firms are facing impending skill shortage, 80% in the USA, 62% in the UK and 1.2 million fewer worker in Japan by 2025. Even though this is not the case in India, major disasters necessitate extensive building repair work and construction labour shortfall becomes particularly clear.

Robotics is a steep hill to climb in construction. Robots excel in the set, programmable task. Construction sites pose a challenge to robots because by nature these sites are exposed to the elements and are highly dynamic.

But as robotic machine learning and mobility capabilities improve, robots are a new frontier in on-site productivity and are supported by government policy in many countries. Japan a prominent example, has launched the a�?i-Constructiona�� initiative in 2016 to increase the use of robotics and digital technologies.

Fastbricka��s Hadrian X robotic bricklayer is joining a range of systems a��SAM100, Tybot, Effibot, Roboticsa�� automated bulldozer, Volvo HX-01 a�� that are being developed to handle the more repetitive, dangerous and monotonous tasks on construction projects, freeing up their human counterparts to do the more intricate work.

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