Gujarata��s plans to become water-sufficient by 2050 is now in motion. The state government has sought Israel’s technical assistance in setting up ten desalination plants along its 1600-km-long coastline.

The move came after Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani visited the Dan Region Wastewater Treatment Plant at Shafdan. The Shafdan plant is a complex inter-regional system that collects, treats and reclaims municipal wastewater in high-density urban areas and industrial zones. Established in 1977 by Israel’s National Water Company (Mekorot) the plant with a capacity to treat 3.70 MLD of water is the biggest in the country.

MoUs between a private Israeli company, mPrest, and Gujarat State government were signed to carry out a gap analysis study in developing smart cities in the state. mPrest is a leading provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and analytical software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and defence sectors. It has a special focus on Internet of Energy (IoE), big data and smart cities.

mPrest has its Indian headquarters in Bangalore where it develops command control, communications, computers and Intelligence C4I applications.

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