VTN Architects design glass block headquarter in Ho Chi Minh City



Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN Architects) has unveiled plans for the Nanoco Head Office, a stacked glass box structure which will house the headquarters and flagship showroom for electrical corporation Fortune Electric. VTN’s plan introduces a new element into their typical palette, a glass block facade which will let the building turn into a neighbourhood beacon in the evenings.

The 10-story tower is broken down into a four-story showroom on lower levels and office space in the upper six floors. The space, unlike a standard showroom, has been designed to integrate a central public space that can serve as a platform for creative community activity. A large glass curtain wall entrance will invite in passers-by, directing visitors to the adaptive community space immediately inside. Along the front of the building, an atrium with spiral staircases will provide vertical circulation, enhancing interaction between the floors and the public space.

The landmark facade has been designed to act as a filter to optimise climatic and visual conditions. During the daytime, its translucency will diffuse the intense direct sunlight while allowing the building to glow softly on the street during the night. Reduced solar heat gain from thermal transmission will allow the building to achieve lower energy consumption levels than buildings with traditionally glazed facades.

As well as enhancing the ambient conditions of the building, the signature use of greenery is specifically targeted toward its wider urban context.

“This project has been designed towards a harmony between humans and nature, providing a better working environment. Taking advantage of its high visibility, it is expected to present an exemplary architecture for sustainable development,” said the architects.