Sweden shows keen interest in India’s smart city initiative



Sweden, which has shown a keen interest in partnering with smart cities development initiative in the country, has suggested a Common Plan of Action for applying its expertise and technology in order to promote sustainable and green-friendly public transport solutions besides solid waste management in smart cities being developed.

Ann Linde, Minister of European Union Affairs and Trade, Sweden, met Minister of Urban Development M Venkaiah Naidu and held detailed discussions on possible areas of cooperation in respect to the development of smart cities. She said in 2015 Sweden and India had signed a MoU to promote sustainable urban development and Smart City Mission offers a unique opportunity to translate this MoU into concrete actions.

The Swedish Minister stated that her country is a global leader in waste management, urban mobility solutions, smart parking systems, air filtration, real-time information systems, command and control systems etc, which are integral to smart city plans of Indian cities. She further said that a Swedish company SCANIA would soon begin operating 55 ethanol based buses in Nagpur.

Naidu, stating that India’s Smart City Mission offered ample opportunities for investments, said that selected smart cities would be happy to benefit from Swedish technologies and particularly, in the areas of public transport and solid waste management. He recommended the visiting Minister to advise Swedish companies to reach out to respective cities for partnering in implementation of their smart city plans.