Kengo Kuma & Associates unveils stacked timber museum in Turkey



Kengo Kuma & Associates unveiled their design for the upcoming Odunpazari Modern Art Museum, currently under construction in Eskisehir, Turkey. Borrowing from the scale and materiality of traditional Ottoman wooden houses, the museum seeks to become a new cultural venue that both stands out and integrates into the existing streetscape.

The architects, said, “Our design strategy is to make the volume in aggregation; stacking small boxes to create urban scale architecture.”

Inside the building, gallery spaces in a range of sizes offer flexible opportunities for the display of art; boxes located on the ground floor are designed to accommodate large-scale art installations, while smaller boxes on the upper levels will provide space for more intimate exhibitions. A central atrium, constructed of timber blocks, connects each level and allows natural light to permeate through the building through the skylight above.