Zaha Hadid Architects releases images of World’s Tallest Atrium



Zaha Hadid Architects has released new images of Leeza SOHO, a mixed-use design in the Lize Financial Business District of Beijing. The project is famous for its 190-meter tall atrium that rises to the full height of the building, uniting two twisting sections which contain 172,800 square metres of office and residential space. At the base of the tower, a new transit hub spans a subway tunnel that is currently under construction.

The design is guided by the surrounding city: at the base of the tower, the two sections are split to align with the new subway tunnel. As the tower rises, the atrium twists 45 degrees to align with Lize Road, a major road in southwest Beijing. This atrium has been envisaged as a new indoor public space for the city, acting as a continuation of the plaza that will surround the building.

Presently, the building is under construction, with 20 of its planned 46 floors completed. The building, which is expected to finish in 2018, will stand 207 metres tall, the tallest of ZHA’s four collaborations with SOHO China which include Galaxy SOHO and Wangjing SOHO.