Delhi government has announced that under Section 7.26 of Delhi Building Byelaws for Conservation and Protection the country’s largest mosque Jama Masjid will become a protected structure, along with 550 other heritage buildings in Delhi.

Of the heritage buildings notified in the second list, the first list having come out in 2010, 526 fall under the jurisdiction of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation and 25 under the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. Apart from Jama Masjid, some others slated for protection and conservation are Nigam Bodh Ghat, Anglo-Sanskrit School, Gadodia Market, Ambedkar University offices, CPI(M) office building, the Taj Mahal Hotel on Church Mission Road and the Canara Bank building in Daryaganj.

“Of the 551 buildings, at least 475 buildings are havelis,” said an official.”Protecting the Walled City’s havelis has been a priority for many years. Now, any construction work related to a protected haveli will require the permissions of the municipal corporation and the heritage conservation committee.”