Construction is all set to begin on one of Brisbane’s most iconic riverside developments. Walan is the second collaboration between Brisbane-based architecture firm Bureau Proberts and developer, Cam Ginardi of GBW Group.

The standout feature of the 14-story apartment will be a vertical forest with full-size trees and mature shrubs growing throughout the building, emerging over two stories.

“This has never been achieved in apartment living in Australia before. We’ve taken the green wall to new heights by creating a vertical forest. The trees will grow up the spine of the Main Street elevation, drawing inspiration directly from the adjacent tree-studded Kangaroo Point cliffs,” says Ginardi.

Ginardi believes the development is proof that there is a growing demand and appreciation for high-end, whole-of-floor apartment living. “People get all the benefits of a house, in terms of the privacy, scale, connection to the outside, and 360-degree aspect, but the convenience of living in an apartment,” he added.

Architect Liam Proberts, Creative Director of Bureau Proberts, says recreating the iconic Queenslander home was the inspiration for this project.

“Walan breaks the mould of apartment buildings over the last decade and represents a new era of design for our climate and lifestyle in the river city,” said Proberts. He went on to add “We thought of each floor like a house in its size and connection to the outside. We set out to achieve was a ‘Queenslander in the sky’ with all rooms opening to a veranda edge, providing cross ventilation while maintaining privacy.”