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Dundee, Bilbao, Curitiba, Helsinki and Turin have recently received the award forA?UNESCOA?City of Design status for their contributionA?to the international design industry.

The award was given by international heritage bodyA?UNESCO, in recognition of the efforts and endeavours of the five cities to the worldwide design industry.

Each city ranked top inA?their respective countries of the UK, Spain, Brazil, Finland and Italy to secure the title. The scheme sought to promote the developmentA?of local creative industries, and to provide a conducive environment for building relationships and resource-sharing between fellow Cities of Design. City of Design status is given out as part of theA?Creative Cities Network set up by UNESCO in 2004, which also acknowledges works in areas of literature, art,A?music, film and gastronomy. The 42-member network has been created to promote cultural exchange and improve member cities’ attractiveness for the incoming tourists and business.