Ahmedabad to use

The Ahmedabad MunicipalA?Corporation (AMC)A?has decided to use treatedA?water of a sewage treatmentA?plant to water itsA?Navrang garden. OfficialsA?said the plant, with theA?capacity of 10,000 litres,A?will be installed in a smallA?area of 20sqm. AccordingA?to them, the biological oxygenA?demand in the waterA?will be less than 10 milligramsA?per litre.A?Officials said thatA?untreated water will beA?brought in the tank andA?will be treated in three differentA?tanks. First, solidA?particles will be separatedA?from the water and thenA?the cleaning process willA?start. The AMC, which isA?using bore water to waterA?the gardens, will not onlyA?save on the water, but willA?also save 40 units of powerdaily which will help saveA?73,000 annually per garden.A?If successful, the AMCA?will implement the sameA?project in the other 200A?AMC gardens of the city. online canadian phar.