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Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) with the support of Ahmedabad-based Centre for Green Mobility (CGM), a non-profit organisation, is introducing cycle sharing system. With this project Vadodara will be the first city in Gujarat to get a chance to use cycle as a mode of public transport.

The pilot project for this will begin from the Kamatibaug garden in the heart of the city. The cycle sharing system is not very complex. A registered user is issued a smart card using which he or she can select and hire a cycle from any nearest station rack, ride the cycle to reach the destination and leave the cycle back to any nearest station of his or her choice.

“Across the globe, there are more than 400 cities which have introduced cycle sharing system as a mode of public transport which takes care of short trips. In these cities, the system is supported by respective governments,” said Anuj Malhotra, Technical Head and CEO of CGM, whose services have also been hired by Delhi Development Authority to introduce cycle sharing system in the national capital.

“In cities like Vadodara, 60% to 70% trips are shorter routes ranging from one to three kilometre. If we provide cycle sharing system as a public mode of transport for such shorter distances, people need not take out their cars or bikes. Also, Vadodara has a long tradition of cycling,” Malhotra said.